Katy Perry Could've A Big Night -People's Choice Awards

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People's Choice Awards: Katy Perry Could've A Big Night (Like Nikki reed and Emma Stone!)

Maybe Katy Perry shouldn't have skipped the 2012 People's Choice Awards.

Wouldn't receiving full payment for five of seven nominations, including Favorite Female Artist, have cheered her up?!
Although, Favorite Movie Actor The actor-brad pitt wasn't even there, so perhaps she didn't will lose out on too much...

What Perry
definitely did miss, however, would be a breezy, fun evening brimming with lighthearted ribbing, a parade of stars based largely on who's got a film or show released, a smattering of awards also determined by who's accessible to show up, and exactly how I Met Your Mother's first win in six tries for Favorite Network TV Comedy.
As well as in a non-eligible year for Twilight, there must be something for Taylor lautner to do, right?!

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Naturally! The British heartthrob-seated alongside Betty White and sporting a questionable buzz cut-was accessible to accept the favourite Drama Movie Award for your apparently somewhat-seen Water for Elephants.

The unequivocal hit Bridesmaids was named Favorite Comedy Movie. Maya Rudolph, Ellie Kemper, Wendi McClendon-Covey and director Paul Feig burst into an impromptu performance of Wilson Philips' "Hold On"-and producer Judd Apatow did his
advisable to keep up, however it was obvious he wasn't as well-versed inside 1980s classic since the rest.

"Wow!" Apatow exclaimed. "Thank you
greatly. I don't know why they asked about to accept it, it's actually a lot of other's work. After i was carrying this out movie, it turned out so much fun performing it, but I was always telling everyone Some even care if someone saw it. But," he quickly added, "now that men and women have seen it and therefore are giving awards for this, I'm more thankful for the entire experience."

Adam Sandler, winner for Favorite Comedic Movie Actor
to the second straight year despite Jack and Jill, donned a suit in the real world for the second serious amounts of read the heartfelt speech he prepared for "you, the so-called people."

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