ipade Game-Kingdom Rush HD V1.5

By Entertainment Today Tonight - Friday, July 27, 2012

1 Tactic Game on the iPad

Superior for the new iPad

of the very most engaging TD games we now have played by using an iPad"
-Slidetoplay.com (STP
Credit score of 4 beyond 4 "Must Have")

"This is easily
one of several best TD games currently inside the App Store"
-Gamezebo.com (4.5
away from 5 Stars)

Hurry can be recorded in the skinny folder notable "games that are basically perfect"

is but one kingdom you may be in zero rush to emerge from from"
-PocketGamer (Gold
Merit - Rating 9)

"Kingdom Rush
shows that the security genre remains alive.Inch
-148Apps (4.5 Stars
from 5) Editor's Choice

"Ironhide Game Studios’
fresh game Kingdom Hurry adds the much-needed shot regarding non-EA blood for the iPad charts.Inch

"TD with a
Effect of Excellence"
net (4.5 stars beyond 5)

heralded action fantasy protection game is now accessible for iPad in High-definition! Get ready for a tome journey to guard your country against millions of orcs, trolls, bad wizards and also other nasty fiends employing a vast arsenal associated with towers along with spells for your command!Combat on jungles, mountains and also wastelands, customizing your own defensive tactic with different tower system upgrades as well as specializations! Bad weather fire about your foes, summon fortifications, command the troops, generate elven warriors and also face celebrated monsters on the quest to preserve the Kingdom in the forces involving darkness!
Business Rush shows:

• Epic
security battles that can hook anyone for hours!

Order your troops and see these engage in palm to hand animation battles!

• 8
specialised tower improvements to customise your tactic! Mighty Barbarians, Arcane Magicians, Forest Rangers among others.

• Over
Eighteen tower expertise! Have your own Sorcerers summon globe elementals and polymorph your current enemies!

Above 30 various enemies, through Goblins to Vices each making use of their own knowledge! (Beware of your mountain Trolls!)

Powerful boss spats never seen with a defense game!

Hrs of game play with over 60 achievements

Added game modes that can challenge the tactical abilities to the reduce.

• High definition
wonderful illustrated animated art!

• In-game encyclopedia
together with information out of your towers along with enemies.